So let’s start here (check all that apply):

I’m here because I…


1.  am exhausted ALL THE TIME and don’t know how to get my energy back
2.  noticed that the muscle and joint pains that used to go away on their own just don’t anymore
3.  want to feel comfortable and confident in my clothes again, but I’m gaining weight even through I’m not eating any different than before
4.  am pulled in 1,000 different directions focusing on my work and what everyone else needs; I can see that I need to take time to figure this out for myself
5.  know I should be eating better and exercising, but I just can’t get started



GOOD NEWS! There are no wrong answers.

If any or all of the above apply, you’re in the right place.

Hi! I’m Kristen Toscano. It’s my mission to inspire, educate and partner with you to care for the one body you have in this lifetime so that you can thrive with more energy, less aches & pains, and the confidence that it will keep up with your goals and dreams at any age.


Whether your goals are traveling the world, playing with the kids/grandkids, living an active urban lifestyle or anything else you can dream up, I partner with you to decrease your pain, find more joy, take control of your stress, create systems to help you manage the demands on your time and energy, and find the nutrition and exercise tools that work for you. No more daily reliance on OTC pain relievers, fad diets, quick fixes that don’t last or workout programs that you dread!

So how did I end up here?


While I was busy taking care of everyone else in the PT clinic and building my career, I wasn’t exactly taking care of myself. I thought that I could eat whatever I wanted until I was 30. I even said that out loud….a lot!! But all that did was lead to chronic sinus headaches, being exhausted to the point of not being able to get off the couch after work and nagging shoulder pain all while feeling a bit “fluffy” and uncomfortable in my own skin. I knew what I needed to do, but I just couldn’t get myself to “practice what I preached” and build the habits that I knew would help me feel better.

Then one day, I met someone who helped me get started with those changes. He pointed me in the direction of some answers to all the questions I had about why I felt this way and what I could do about it besides taking some over-the-counter meds for the sinus headaches and shoulder pain. And I started down a holistic path of:

  • testing to find out what was REALLY going on in my body,
  • eating healthy and learning what “healthy” looks like for me,
  • detoxing my body with saunas and other natural techniques (not juice fasts),
  • getting exercise again that felt good in my body even though it had been years since my high school soccer career,
  • connecting with other women who had a positive attitude and were looking to lift each other up rather than pass judgement,
  • and so MUCH MORE!

I started to realize that my favorite patients to work with in the PT clinic were like me. They talked about wanting to address stress, fatigue and weight in addition to the pain that they came to see me for originally. I was asked more and more about how to address the pain and inflammation without medications. I knew I could do so much more to help these women beyond the tools I traditionally used in the clinic. Improving quality of life has always been the goal, but there are so many more layers beyond what we could work through during our rehab sessions. I went back to school so that I could help these women, including YOU, investigate the healing opportunities in your body so that you can look and feel your best while getting back to the life YOU want!

On a personal note…


  • My hubby and I are the bridesmaid/groomsman cliché and met when we were 28. My college roommate married one of his best friend’s from growing up. We started out as a long-distance relationship and were able to make it work for us.
  • We LOVE to travel and have been to 6 of the 7 continents (haven’t made it to Antarctica yet)
  • I am a water girl at heart! I grew up on and moved back to an island, purchasing a home on the Niagara River. I also love to race sailboats.
  • I moved back to the place I grew up several years ago to be closer to my nieces, who are now 8 and 10, but am currently getting rid of most of our possessions so that Greg and I can travel together with his job.
  • I always considered myself a “guy’s girl” because I thought “girls” were too dramatic until I found my tribe of women who lift each other up. I’ve built friendships that are as strong as any I’ve known.

Are you ready to take the next steps to alleviate pain and build your energy and confidence?

My approach is all about YOU! Let’s chat to see what you can achieve and what format fits your busy life.

I look forward to connecting with you again soon and am excited to be on this journey with you!