Easter has historically been the highlight of my sugar addiction. I have the sweetest grandmother (see what I did there 😉 ), but she has always given us each a large basket full of jelly beans and chocolates that should last a couple months. But as soon as it arrived in my house, I had a hard time controlling myself. One piece turned into 2, and then 3…and so it went until it was gone. If it was a good year, it might have lasted a couple weeks.

And with all the sugar detox programs that have become all the rage lately, I know that I am not alone in this struggle. Maybe you’ve even questioned whether or not YOU have a problem with sugar. Keep reading to discover the truth for yourself…

If you agree to any of these clues, you might have a problem with sugar consumption. Sugar is highly addictive, but don’t worry. Even if you do have a few of these signs, you can turn things around.

1. You crave sugary foods or refined carbs at least once a day

You love having a big donut, muffin or cookie with an afternoon coffee. Or you reach for that afternoon candy bar. Or maybe you prefer more savory options and lean toward the croissant loaded with cheese or a bag of chips. In the end it all turns into sugar.

2. You often keep eating after you’re full

When you get your hands on a big piece of chocolate cake, you can’t stop yourself from finishing it, even you’re completely full.

3. You eat sugary foods or junk food even when you know you don’t need to

You had a nice healthy supper an hour ago, yet you want to snack on some ice cream, jelly beans or chips even though you KNOW that it’s not nutritionally necessary, nor are you truly even hungry.

5. You make special trips to the store or restaurant to get your fix

Uh oh, your ice cream and chocolate stashes are empty. There are no more chips in the cupboard. It doesn’t matter that it is 8:30 pm. It’s time to run to the store and stock up, or go for a treat at your local cafe just because you can.

6. Sugar becomes your reward

Oh I’ll just clean the kitchen and then deserve to have a slice of cheesecake. I had a rough day, so I deserve to eat chips and drink pop for dinner.

7. You’ve got a secret stash and when nobody’s around you dig in

This is a big one and one that I had in the PT clinic a few years back. If you have a stockpile of unhealthy snacks in your desk drawer that you hide from your coworkers and clients, it’s time to put down the candy.

8. You’ve tried to stop eating sugar and you just can’t

No matter what you do it seems impossible to stop. You’ve tried to quit sugar but only end up feeling horrible and finally you cave in to the urge.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With the right strategies, delicious healthy recipes, and support and guidance you can ditch the sugar, lose the weight, have more energy and feel amazing!

Stay tuned over the next several weeks for more info about sugar and how to quit it. I hope you can join me for one of my upcoming workshops. I’m also planning to set up a webinar soon to share with those of you who aren’t in WNY.

Are you addicted to sugar? What have you tried in the past to get off sugar?