Life By Your Design

Are you paralyzed by overwhelm?

Are you afraid of letting other people down? 

Do you have a hard time trusting your own decisions?

Getting overwhelmed and not trusting yourself is so common in the women I work with. But what I want you to know is:

You are designed to move through your life confidently. (And that includes making decisions!  )

You just have to know how you work. 

Human Design has the answers you’re looking for. 


If you’ve gotten a taste of learning your human design and it’s sparked something in you, but you don’t quite know what to do with it yet…

You’re invited to: LIFE BY YOUR DESIGN

Life By Your Design is an 8-week small group program that teaches you how to have a lot more fun and freedom being exactly who you are.

We break down the layers of your human design so you understand exactly how your energy works and then you get to PLAY with it. To experiment with it. To start following the spark of your excitement as you discover more ease in your relationships, decision-making and mind. (This is where the MAGIC happens!!)

I started learning about human design over 3 years ago, but it wasn’t until I had support as I experimented with my design that I could truly trust it. 

Life By Your Design will transform how you show up in the world, giving you the tools to trust your instincts, take the weight off your shoulders, and find more joy. 

How It Works:


You learn your human design foundation through a 7-module video course that explains the various components of your design (strategy, authority, defined and undefined centers and profile). These videos are yours for life!

You ask questions, get coaching and feedback, and share your experiences in six group calls that help you trust living your design in the real world. (Yes, it’s even applicable during your trips to Target!)


You take it to the next level with a 1-1 coaching session near the end of the program. Bring whatever is feeling sticky to you to our session and we will use human design informed coaching to help you get clarity. 

The next group will be starting soon.

(Limit of 8 people)