I worked in healthcare. As a physical therapist, I knew what to do. The “perfect” version of me should not have been living the “do as I say, not as I do” mantra.

But there I was. Trying to be perfect had gotten too overwhelming and difficult. So I wasn’t exercising, even though I expected my patients to go home and do just that. I told myself I could eat whatever I wanted until I hit the age of 30 and then I would worry about my metabolism and weight, even though my weight had already crept up 15 or 20 pounds. I was partying too much, lacking confidence and making decisions that didn’t align with who I knew I wanted to be. Then, by the time I was 27, I was so exhausted that I couldn’t get off the couch at the end of the workday, had chronic sinus headaches, knee and shoulder pain, and just felt all around burnt out.

Getting Some Answers

It took 4 years before I was able to figure out that my daily habits needed to change in order for me to feel better. I finally figured out that the PT clinic I worked in was full of mold, and saw a doctor who didn’t just give me over-the-counter sinus medications and really helped me figure out what was going on in my body. And, he told me that if I didn’t change the way I was eating, help my body detox, get moving and change the chemicals in my environment, that I would have cancer at a very young age. That was all the wake-up call I needed…or so I thought.

I changed my diet for a while. I avoided the foods I had developed allergies to…yep, all that pizza and pasta and junk food I was eating developed into wheat, dairy, tomato, potato and coffee allergies. I started doing yoga. And saunas. But I couldn’t maintain it when I moved back to my hometown, where pizza and wings are a staple and everything in my life had changed.
Finally, I found a community of friends who were starting a health challenge online. They were sharing how they were exercising, what they were eating and supporting and encouraging each other. This was the perfect chance for me to refocus. But this time I didn’t try to change everything all at once. I spent the beginning of this group focusing on my eating. Then I decided I needed to find a new physician to follow my progress and I discovered functional medicine. My doctor encouraged me, noting that the changes I was making were working and I was the “healthiest” person she had seen all year. So I continued to make changes, finding a fitness routine I loved, looking at food as fuel, looking at my sleep patterns and working on personal growth. All the pieces were coming together. I had more energy. I was more confident and comfortable in my body. My sinus and joint pains went away.

The Next Steps

This is when I decided I couldn’t keep this to myself. I had always wanted to be a doctor, but as I was determining my future, I saw how little time doctors were getting to spend with their patients…which is why I went into physical therapy. In spending so much time with my patients and really getting to know them and their stories, I realized that I was hearing these same themes over and over. “I’m exhausted.” “My pain is worse when I’m stressed.” “I don’t want to take any more medications than I already have to.”

So I decided to find a way to be able to build on my expertise and my experience, to share with you what I’ve learned, inspire you to take control of your health, your confidence and your energy, and help you put the pieces together. I went back to school to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach so that I could empower YOU to make the changes you know you need in your life, but are unable to do successfully on your own. And now I get to take it one step further pursuing a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner certification that will allow me to run lab tests to further personalize the program to the needs of your body.

If you are ready to take the first step in your journey, please reach out to me and let’s chat about what makes the most sense for you.