Programs by Kristen Toscano

Life By Your Design

Are you paralyzed by overwhelm?

Are you afraid of letting other people down? 

Do you have a hard time trusting your own decisions?

Getting overwhelmed and not trusting yourself is so common in the women I work with. But what I want you to know is:

1-1 PROGRAM: Coaching to Clarity

You’re ready to feel more like yourself again. To trust yourself again.

To declare who you are and what you want. To open up to what’s possible in this next phase of your life. 

You’ve been thinking about making a lifestyle change that will open up more space for you and your partner to connect. 

Human Design Reading

If human design has sparked your interest, but you don’t understand what you’re looking at, what all the jargon means and how to actually use it to help your life, a human design reading is a great place to start.

Sacral sessions

If you know your human design and are a generator or manifesting generator, sacral sessions help you access your gut response. I’m a manifesting generator myself and I know how helpful these are for me.