I bet you know yourself pretty well.

You’ve taken Myers-Briggs, the Enneagram, been in personal development for years, you’ve paid for program after program and yet you still feel stuck.

And that’s understandable.

You’ve been trained to look for answers, when what you really need – (moral of the damn story moment!) – is inside. Human Design is a unique-to-you guidebook, based on your genetics, that teaches you how to trust yourself.

Human Design gives you strategies for showing up in the world in a way that’s aligned with who you truly are. (AKA, the person you were before society started telling you who to be.)

And that’s exactly why it helps you have more fun, become your own authority, stop judging yourself, and start feeling like YOU again.

When I found human design, everything changed. All of the things I thought I knew about myself, but could never seem to trust or put words to were written out right in front of me in what’s called a BodyGraph. I could no longer deny my own truth and live in everyone else’s “shoulds.”

Following the “shoulds” can take you way off course from your own truth, (trust me…I know how it is!) but with a new understanding and exploration into living your design, you can find your way back to your most Authentic Self and your flow!

Human design helps you feel seen in a way that you’ve likely never experienced before. It’s the “aha” moment laid right out in front of you that lets you finally relax and say, “Yes! This is who I am.”

So what’s the first step?

Getting your Human Design Bodygraph.

Does that sound complicated?

Simply put in your birth details below (yes, you need the exact time, date and location! But email me if you have questions) and I’ll get back to you within 24 business hours with your human design bodygraph and a free pdf that reveals the way you naturally thrive and how you might accidentally be working against yourself.

I can’t wait to get you this information!

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On a personal note…


  • I’m a 2/4 Emotional Time Bender (Manifesting Generator) with undefined Spleen and Root Centers.
  • My hubby and I are the bridesmaid/groomsman cliché and met when we were 28. My college roommate married one of his best friends from growing up. We started out as a long-distance relationship and were able to make it work for us.
  • We LOVE to travel and have been to 6 of the 7 continents (haven’t made it to Antarctica yet)
  • We sold our home in December 2019 to go on the road full-time with my husband’s job. Little did we know…2020
  • While there has been a lot of challenges that came with 2020, the pause was just what I needed to slow down and reconnect with myself.
  • Being an aunt is the best job in the world!! One of my favorite things is visiting my nieces and nephews in both Buffalo, NY (Go Bills!) and Boston, MA.