It’s my mission to help turn your pain and struggle into joy and purpose.

Because, let’s be honest…if we aren’t having fun, what’s the point?!


If you’re struggling with chronic and consistent neck pain and headaches that keep you counting down the days until your next chiropractic or massage therapy session, I’m here for you.

I see you…

You are literally carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

You unconsciously reach across your body to squeeze the muscles on top of your shoulders to release some of the pressure so you can refocus on your work just enough to get the next thing done.

You’re exhausted. You wind down your day with a glass of wine to relax. When it’s time to go to bed, you can’t sleep until what feels like just before the alarm goes off again because your mind is racing and you can’t get comfortable. You spend each day on the roller coaster of caffeine and sugar highs and lows, trying to build enough energy just to get you through the day.

You are taking care of everyone – your kids, your boss and coworkers, your husband and even your parents – and as a result, you find yourself saying yes to everyone with no time left for you.

You feel guilty because you’ve snapped at your kids or your husband when the pain took all your patience away. 

You don’t have time to eat during the day due to meetings running your schedule or you simply forget to put it on your seemingly endless to do list. When you do get a chance to eat, you grab whatever’s convenient. You know it’s not the best choice, but at least it’s something.

And besides, you don’t really know what to eat anyway. Nothing’s ever really worked for you.

You’re frustrated by the extra 10 pounds that’s crept on, but can’t imagine where you’d get the time or energy to do anything about it.

You hate going into your closet because nothing feels great when you put it on and your confidence is suffering as a result. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

When we partner together and take a holistic health approach, you get super clear on what’s important to you.

You learn exactly who you are, how to show up as yourself, where and how to set boundaries to protect your time and energy so that you can release the weight of the world you’ve been carrying.

You show up more as yourself in the relationships that matter most to you, building deeper connections. 

You feel confident again at work and at home.

You tune into the messages your body is telling you about what to eat and how to move so that you have the energy to keep up with your family. 

You get unstuck, no longer just going through motions of your life.

So where do we start?

Let’s start by getting to know each other a little better. Schedule a call with me to discuss your goals, needs and options.

Your needs are as individual as you are, and the seemingly small day-to-day choices you make can significantly impact the physical and the mental/emotional stress you carry and how that shows up in your body and overall health. Learning more about who you are and what you need gives me a better idea of how to best support you to make simple changes with big impact. 

Then, we’ll take action!

Over the course of 3-6 months, we will build in small changes that fit seamlessly into your life. We start with the foundation using your design and then work on implementing small changes over time until your life looks and feels so much more comfortable compared to where you are now.

“The most significant overall change I have noticed since beginning this program has been my knowledge of [food], how hormones and food are related and how traumatic it was for me for nearly a year after I broke my leg. You were a great coach, and I really like that I can still contact you if I have questions.  My family and I have really benefited from your knowledge and I like to teach them what I’ve learned.”
“I’m so happy with the results after your 6 month coaching plan. It’s was 6m of learning, and then everything came together when I started boxing. The skills I learned about eating healthy and how the body uses calories are the key to my success!!! I’m 3# below my goal.”
“Kristen is an energetic soul who radiates positive energy. She is so passionate about what she does, and inspires you to achieve your goals in a friendly environment. When I began with Kristen, I had one goal I wanted to focus on, but I quickly found many other areas that I could work on with Kristen’s help. She kept me on-task and creating rational goals that became habits rather than behaviors that I dropped in a few months. I would recommend Kristen to anyone looking for a passionate, fun, and knowledgeable resource to guide you to your health goals. Thank you, Kristen!”